Organizer and initiator of First Student Volunteering Conference in Ukraine «VUZall»


Round table 4 ''Social Volunteering''

October 8

 Volunteering as an element of formation of youth personality


Today, in globalism conditions, urbanization and consumers’ values we lose basic – human qualities, which should be attached since childhood by a family. When parents care more about financial conditions, forgetting of education and communication, child seeks for support in society, which for a long time teaches to survive and struggle for a place under the sun, mainly by heartlessness.

Presently, society values such qualities of human as stability towards stress, firm character and endurance. Nobody thinks of moral qualities of a person. Slogan of present time is – “Success for whatever price!” This gradually leads to “Human for human is wolf”, insensibility to human problems and absence of compassion.

Mass media intrude youth into energetic way of life “NON- stop!” that includes going to night clubs, computer games, alcohol and cigarettes. In this case what new generation will grow into? As amusements involve only rest, excluding process of thinking, development and work. An alternative to the influence of society upon youth personality formation could become and is social volunteering. Doing volunteering youth may obtain experience, knowledge, friends and impressions. This adds coloring and tonality to everyday life.

In the beginning volunteers were people who willingly and only by their longing entered military in some European countries (for example France and Spain). Today from this cumbersome definition of “volunteering” only one word “voluntarily” is left. In fact, “gratis” was also added.

Now volunteers are named differently, but everybody knows it’s a person, that helps close people, neighbors, acquaintances or often strangers, that need help in native country or abroad. Volunteers work at schools, hospitals, libraries, refugee camps, in defense of environment – everywhere.

Voluntary work is known for a long time as a base of economy and education, which draws attention of government and business elites of developed countries, where precisely developed system of volunteer search and working with them exists. Practically each of us at least once in his/her life voluntarily took up accomplishment of work duties, without charging any compensation.

According to General Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and International Convention of child rights 1989, volunteering is viewed as an instrument of social, cultural, economic and ecological development. Therefore volunteering may be associated with words development and help.

Social volunteering helps to solve society problems and help those, who need it. At the same time it functions developing personality of a young person, and may become substantial factor its formation. Besides this volunteering helps gaining experience, checking own strength and abilities and future employment.

Social volunteering is the first step of a young person towards realizing life values, priorities and evaluation of own live. By showing misfortunes and problems of other people, it paves a way to compassion and charity: as if icy heart melts in warm palms of love.

Due to rethinking of values and priorities, in which he is placed by unusual situations, a student searches for self, truth and God. Gradually in a new, unusual for contemporary youth, environment new friends and interests appear.

Interacting with others, person learns to perceive neighbors just as they are, unity with nature, to open and receive joys of life even in hard circumstances, unity with self and God is open to her. Therefore it is a good impulse for realizing own mission.

Volunteering for youth is an alternative activity in free time, it lets in sufficiently early age realize lively important priorities; process of maturing is proceeding, which helps to free oneself from frames and complexes attached since childhood. In certain moment young person faces severity of life, unfair conditions, and reality above all, that leads her to a search and as a result Gratitude for own life.

In each case volunteering is own way of person, an impulse to soberness and acceptance of reality. It teaches helping according to a situation. In volunteering age of person, nationality or social status are not important, even belonging to one or another religious community is not essential! Because we are united by an aim!

Volunteering turns a person to oneself: when she began understanding and feeling a need in her help for others, then with time she will come to understanding of importance of helping relatives, close and surrounding people.

One of such examples is our volunteering youth initiative “Heart in palms”, that pushed us to conducting of First practical student conference in volunteering in Ukraine “VUZall”. “Heart in palms” brings together youth from different universities and cities on Sunday, and together we visit Children Psychiatric Clinic in Kyiv; during games and activities, joint dinner the most important happens – communication of youth with children and each other, joy, happiness, trust and love. In its turn “VUZall” has grown into organization. The aim of the organization is development of social volunteering among university students of Ukraine and engagement of young generation into solving of life-important issues in family and state, that includes interactive communication, workshops, trainings, experience sharing.

Slogan of conference was: “To do good is simple, easy, right and in unity!” It proved once more that there is no competition to philanthropy, because here is one truth, one aim: to do Good in the name of God. During conference together with representatives of different youth volunteer organizations we have developed a conception of future collaboration of charitable funds, volunteers and universities. Because in mutual support, we really can do more, we can create one national idea of Ukraine. Volunteering may become medicine for ill with aggression, triviality, dullness of society in professional training and work of volunteers.

Trust to one another and unity in Good

Trust to one another and unity in Good. One of the problems of present time is low erudition in volunteering among communities. In this we got persuaded during conducting of “VUZall”: practically no volunteer organization has heard of another, if we unite for common aim – help neighbor, everyone will benefit from it. Then we may talk of true Good and philanthropy, but not ambitions and own egoism.

Preparing an army of salvation, we build future environment for us and our children, that is important factor of healthy society, because we cannot exist without each other, this is the world. In business practice of association into consortium is practiced for a long time, why then could it be done in philanthropy?

Developing social volunteering, we solve an issue of socially important kind for our country, educate and form personalities, teach tolerance and charity, and also philanthropy, trust and love.