Summarized Results of the 4th Ecumenical Social Week

 (prepared by Nina Hayduk, a member of the ESW`s Organizing Committee from Lviv National Polytechnic University)

 Today's globalized world is experiencing a financial crisis. At the same numerous socio-economic, political and other problems are becoming more complicated.These problems have become especially tensional in Ukraine too. The burden of the past, including an excessively heavy heritage of the totalitarian regime, aggravates the current situation. The lunched process of implementing reformsfaces many obstacles, the most significant among which is a lack of trust in social relations. This, in turn, complicates the process of uniting of the community and achieving consensus in society, and blocks, in many cases, manifestation and realization of public initiatives on the way towards social developmentand building civil society in Ukraine. Attracting churches of all confessions to cooperation, and consolidating efforts of the Church, business, public sector and government are urgently needed today.

 The 4th ESW brought on the agenda issues of reforms and their implementation only through trust, particularly through restoring and formation of trust in Ukrainian society. National and foreign nexperts attended this year's Forum. They shared their experience in social service, research and practical activities aimed at developing trust and promoting the reform process.

 The peculiarity of this year's forum was its focus not only on definition of the problem, as it is a crisis of trust, butalso inhibition of the reform process in Ukraine.Participants of the 4th ESW showed the nature and causes of the problem on the backdrop of the historical course of events and in the context of the present. They examined the challenges that complicate the process of its solution. A targeted search for ways out of the problematic situation continued, determining the way, concrete efforts, the direction and motivation to action in the domain of policy, practice, management and law, which can help us accomplish the wished.

 At that Forum participants were united by the desire to find internal and external strong sides and resources of Ukrainian society. Thus, there was held a constructive dialogue of communities` representatives, there was a collective action directed primarily at solution of the defined problem. Importance of adherence to Christian values ​​and taking into account the peculiarities of Ukrainian culture were accentuated in this context.

It was noted that today Ukrainian family was living in crisis of family relationships and leveling of the highest family values. Besides this, family has no alternative. The development level of the state and society depends namely on family. Family values have always been in Ukraine at the highest level. During the thousand years history Ukrainian families cherished national identity, passing from generation to generation the faith, language, customs and moral values​​. It was outlined that deep religious traditions and family customs supported their family members and helped them. They are this invaluable resource and solid foundation on which Ukrainian society should base itself, on the way towards restoring and building trustand achievent of mutual understanding in family relationships, in community and in whole society.

 Participants of the 4 ESW declared the best national and foreign scientific and practical experience, they noted progressive approaches and social technologies that have gained recognition and are used in worldwide practice. And they stressed the appropriateness of their use in Ukraine, taking into account the particularities of Ukrainian society.

 To them belong:

 -formation of conscience and virtues, adherence to moral values and ethical norms of social life on the way of humanization of society, establishing approaches in society, which are:

 strengthening national values ​​at the level of European interstate communication; 

definition of the state creation as a process of social dialogue; 

increase confidence in building civil society; 

formation of a new social culture, in particular humanization of interpersonal relations in different social groups, especially in work environment; 

decentralization of management; 

providing accountability and transparency; 

social partnership; 

social inclusion; 

implementation of new projects on the basis of inclusive leadership; 

alternative dispute resolution, in particular mediation; 

appealing to the Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine with recommendation to include a discipline of mediation in curricula of high schools (including postgraduate education), which train social workers and other professionals of the social sphere; 

the principle of holism of the bio-socio-spiritual vision of personality, which has the right for self-actualization; 

improve the health culture of the population and increase public attention to health care; 

leveling the principle of mobbing in interpersonal relationships; 

elaborating key levers of market regulation; 

introducing new "game rules" in market without losing values ​​of competitive communication; 

providing development processes of public investment; 

redistribution of the state budget to areas that need investment; 

micro crediting; 

priority is the creation of new forms of enterprises, which, in addition to economic ties, foster social ties; 

providing opportunities of employment for people with disabilities; 

conducting an effective dialogue between consumers of market; 

considering the experience of the church in dealing with offshore zones and areas of energy, organizing local movements; 

dissemination of experience in conducting Ecumenical Social Weeks at the level of nationwide significance.

 From the above it follows that the 4thESW, appealing to the need for the implementation of reforms through trust, fulfilled a state mission on the way of social development, democracy and building of civil society in Ukraine.

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