On behalf of the Social Weeks of France, their administrative committee and ourselves, we would like to tell you that we are watching attentively the development of the political situation in Ukraine and to assure the Committee of the Ecumenical Social Week of Ukraine, students and teachers of the Ukrainian Catholic University in our friendship and support in these troubled times.

We would like to emphasize that the cooperation that has been established between the Ecumenical Social Week of Ukraine and Social Weeks of France, as well as with various organizations, members of the ІХЕ network (Initiative of Christians of Europe) and the multi-year cooperation that resulted from it allowed all the partners to see and accept in Ukraine the development of active civil society, which includes churches and which works for democracy and respect of human rights in your country.

In general, the majority of organizations of civil society in Ukraine have obtained support and have established close links with the European Union. As a result, the current events have a significant effect across the whole European Union.

Therefore, today we would like to express our great concern that members of Ukrainian civil society are unable to express their commitment to these freedoms, and we assure you of our solidarity with the demonstrators who came out and continue to take to the streets of Kyiv and Lviv in order to protect these values.

In this spirit, we, together with the various movements that represent the Christian laity in Europe, will not hesitate to send other initiatives to the Council of Europe and the European Union if people appear to be persecuted and attacked for their freedoms.

We believe that negotiations between Ukraine and the EU should continue in order to establish in the interests of both parties the best conditions for cooperation, development and promotion of public and individual freedoms. From the perspective of Ukrainian political leaders, an association agreement with the EU will not limit the sovereign rights of your country, and we believe it will become the first step towards the integration of a large family, whose members are trying to adhere to the European Convention of Human Rights and to respect the rule of law.

We ask you to accept the expression of our deep and sincere respect.




Jerome Vignon Michel Camdessus

Chairman Honorary Chairman

Social Weeks of France Weeks of France