The round table "Models of socialization of disabled people on the basis of experiences in L'Arche communities" was held on October 3, as part of the 7th ESW. The event was attended by leaders of the L'Arche community in Ukraine and abroad.

The moderator of the round table, Natalia Bordun, Director of the Institute of Leadership and Management at UCU, stressed that people who want to be around the disabled and remain children even in adulthood have particular success in working with disabled people.

Michelle Dormal, Head of the L'Arche Community, France, related the origin of the community in France. "Jean Vanier visited the monk Thomas and met a lot of disabled in his community. As he was leaving, people asked him to return. This was the beginning of L'Arche.” Barbara Wojcik, National Head of L'Arche in Poland, shared how the life of disabled people is organized in the Polish community. She told about common prayers, dinners and celebrations with "friends" of the community, volunteers and assistants. However, Ms. Wojcik sees a broader main task for L'Arche: "We need to change people's attitudes to disabled people, so that they understand their talent and are not afraid of them. We have to share their gifts with the world, so that it can learn openness from them."