On October 3, as part of the 7th ESW the BarCamp «Youth Initiatives: The requirements of time - the needs of society" was held at UCU. Participants of the BarCamp attended master classes and creative workshops.

The training session "Development of grant projects" was conducted by Olexandra Sladkova, Head of the dministration, Construction and Infrastructure Development Department of the Lviv City Council. "In the work of drafting a project it often seems that 80% of the effort gives no results. Only a small number of contests is won. But, in fact, there are results," Olexandra Sladkova said.

The workshop "My Dream Team" was conducted by Olha Sadokha, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the River of Knowledge Training Program and a business coach. She denoted the criteria by which participants must be choosen to a team. The Vice President of the Ukrainian Students in France Association, Anastasia Fomichova, spoke about
the activity of her organization, cooperation with Ukrainian students, and support of the Maidan. Afterwards there was a creative workshop "Friends of the L'Arche Community share their experience." The members conducted a workshop on soap making.

At the end of the BarCamp a biographical film about Bohdan Havrylyshyn, a known economist and public figure, and his video appeal were shown.