During the ESW, a presentation of the book by Metropolitan Olexandr (Drabynko) – "The Ukrainian Church: The Path to Autocephaly" was presented. All the material, which is placed on seven hundred pages of the book, is united by the idea of ​​canonical independence of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In general, the publication is intended for a wide range of readers – priests, faithful, church and public figures and anyone interested in the problems associated with the processes of independence of the Ukrainian Church. The book was published by the Foundation in Memory of the Blessed Metropolitan Volodymyr and the publishing house “Dukh I Litera.”

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The work was presented to the public by the author himself, as well as Fr. Dr. Iwan Dacko (UGCC), President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of UCU, Fr. Georgii Kovalenko (UOC), Rector of the Open Orthodox University of Saint Sophia-Wisdom, and Taras Kurylets, project and program manager of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at UCU, moderated the event.

“The book is heterogeneous and contains materials that represent the events of the autocephalous movement since the beginning of the twentieth century. This is a collection of conference materials, interviews. Recently we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the UAOC restoration in Lviv. In order to talk about the future, we need to know about the past. Thank God the time is changing, we are no longer dependent on the Soviet past, we are living in a time when we create history,” – noted Olexandr (Drabynko), Metropolitan Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskyi and Vyshnevskyi OCU during the presentation.