Dear friends and partners of the Ecumenical Social Week in every corner of Ukraine and the world, on behalf of the Committee of ESWwe call for you not to be indifferent to the fate of Ukraine in this difficult time!

The missions of Ecumenical Social Weeks, which have taken place in Ukraine for six years, and Social Weeks in Europe, which have almost hundred year’s history, are similar – it’s attaining the welfare of society by improving social policy with the help of consensus and unity of authorities, community, churches and business.

As we can see, today one of these powers that is necessary for building a just civil society is absolutely illegitimate and is committing lawless actions against the Ukrainian nation. These are the authorities. All of us understand very well that such actions of the current officials are suppressing every attempt of the Ukrainian nation to live in a civilized civil society.

Therefore, we call for all representatives of churches, public organizations, funds, business, mass media and all indifferent citizens in the east, west, south, north and center of our country, as well as international community, to give their vote of non-confidence to the current Ukrainian power in all possible ways.

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Every one of us must realize the difficulty of the situation in which our country is today, and make their contribution for the sake of democracy, supremacy of law and the striving of Ukraine’s people to dignified life!


With the help of God we will prevail!