General Secretary of Social Weeks - France

Round table "Formation of a socially responsible society: Europian e[perience, Ukrainian perspectives"

October 1, 2014


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Foundation Communicantes, Tilburg, Netherlands

Seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (UCAS) “Memory, History, Identity”

October 2, 2014

Christ and Christian Faith are Universal, Unbound to Man-Made Frontiers

Introduction. When I was invited to present a short lecture at this meeting, I was told that we would discuss the question, whether the EuroMaidan had brought a Church union closer. This is an interesting and complicated issue. It is very much connected to the way in which we understand the dynamics between Christ – faith, Church, believers – on the one hand, and the culture, the secular world in which Christians find themselves embedded on the other. In a nutshell, here, the dialectics of Christ and culture come into play.

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Doctor of History, Professor

Аcademic Conference “The Responsibility of a Christian in Modern Society”

September 29, 2014

The social and political dimension of valuable orientations of modern Donbas

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Regius Professor of Divinity, Christ Church, Oxford, Great Britai

Аcademic Conference “The Responsibility of a Christian in Modern Society”

September 29, 2014

“The Kingdom of God: The Other Side of Sectarianism”

The paradigmatic account of the relationship between the Christian understanding of power and the state is the confrontation between Jesus and Pilate in the Gospel according to St. John. There is no doubt that we are treating with this New Testament pericope an exercise in historical writing. Whatever the facts that lie behind the confrontation – whether it took place or not – we are handling an early ecclesial and theological configuration. The Aramaic Jesus and the Latin (possibly also Greek) speaking Pilate never held the conservation they are reported as holding in the way it has been reported. We are treating a later reconstruction and therefore a reflection by the Johannine community (if indeed the community saw itself as distinctly Johannine is a much debated point), not yet organised into a single institution called the church. As such the exchange presents an account of power within church/state relations. I will come to constitutional law in a moment.

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