On May 25, 2012 the Kyiv City Teacher's House hosted a roundtable "Inter-sectoral partnership as a factor of communities’ development: the European experience"

The roundtable was attended by representatives of civic and charitable organizations from Kyiv and Lviv, in particular funds "Planet of mutual help", Protection of the Most Blessed mother of God, "Caritas of Ukraine"; organizations "Child with the future", "Wikimedia Ukraine". Executive director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University Halyna Bokhonko and president of the Philantropists of Ukraine Association Oleksandr Maksymchuk moderated the event.

Speakers presented the local experience of cooperation between government, civic organizations, Churches, schools, business; considered philanthropy and volunteerism as a way to becoming a new civil society. Roundtable participants agreed that we need to create an environment for constructive cooperation and experience exchange between government and civil sector, business, Church communities, etc.

There has been a suggestion to develop a network of ecumenical social weeks in Ukraine in order to exchange experiences, combine efforts of different sectors to resolve common social needs, strengthening inter-sectoral partnership. Roundtable participants agreed, inter alia, to join efforts in spreading experience of inter-sectoral partnership within the Ecumenical Social Week project; to support the Percentage philanthropy project; to hold such roundtables throughout the year involving international and Ukrainian experts who were involved in areas of the development of civil society, philanthropy etc.

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Within the framework of the Lviv City Days in Sumy, the round table “Inter-Sectoral Partnerships to Address the Needs of Local Communities. Cooperation of Authorities, Civil Society and Church” was held on April 22, 2013.

The authorities, churches and NGOs shared their experiences of cooperation. People of Sumy got acquainted with Lviv initiatives and presented their own projects.

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TheinternationalscholarlypracticalconferenceSocialResponsibilityofHigherEducation: Availability, Quality, Competitivenesswas heldon 15-16 May, 2013 in the city of Luhansk.

The event was held on the initiative of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University within the framework of the National Network of the Ecumenical Social Weeks Projectwith the support of Training and Research Institute of Labour and Social Technologies of V. Dal All-Ukrainian National University (City of Luhansk). Representatives of the authorities, education system, Church and public organizations gathered for discussions and exchange of experience in the area of improvement of the quality of education in higher education institutions.

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On March 30, 2012 within the Days of Lviv in Dnipropetrovsk, a round table "Inter-sectoral partnerships to resolve local communities` needs".

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On 21-22 May, 2013, in theKyivCityTeachersHouse, theConferenceDifferencesandRespectwasheldbytheInstituteofEcumenicalStudiesoftheUkrainianCatholicUniversitywiththesupportoftheAssociationofBenefactorsofUkraine, InternationalInitiative“HeartinLittleHands”andPublicOrganizationResourceCenterofCommunityInitiative within the framework of the project “Ecumenical Social Week”.

The event was aimed to discuss and exchange experience with regard to the development of charitable activities in the country, modern gender policy and establishment of value guidelines in the modern society.

The conference included a number of events, in particular, a session of the work team on interest philanthropy on 21 May.

The experts had an opportunity to discuss the possibility of further development of charitable activities by way of improvement of the Ukrainian law. The session’s agenda, in particular, included the following questions: presentation of the bill “On making alterations to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding support of non-profit organizations” (a mechanism envisaged by the bill was called “interest philanthropy”), setting up a work team, discussion of the mechanism of promotion and lobbying of this legislative initiative.

At the opening of the session, Oleksandr Maksymchuk noted: “…both as President of the Association of Benefactors of Ukraine and practicing benefactor, I believe that this law is absolutely necessary since there is a lack of financial tools to carry out charitable activities in Ukraine and the existing ones are very complicated. Such mechanism would open the way to Europe.”

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The 2nd meeting of the National Network of Ecumenical Social Week (ESW) was held on February 17. The purpose of the National Network is to combine social and charitable organizations, churches, universities, youth associations, philanthropic foundations, business sector and public institutions (municipality, regional administration and others) around proposals that can get widespread approval and contribute to the development of civil society in Ukraine.

The participants of the meeting were: Halyna Bokhonko, executive director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the UCU, Iryna Kitura, coordinator of ESW, Oleksandr Maksymchuk, President of the Association of Benefactors of Ukraine (Kyiv), Orest Mykyta, an expert of the Department of Scientific and Educational Programs, ICF “Ukraine 3000” (Kyiv), Kateryna Klyuzko, head of the youth initiative “The Heart in Palms” (Kyiv), Fr. Vasyl Kolodchyn, Director of CF “Caritas Odesa of UGCC” (Odesa), Alla Soroka, Professor of Christian Humanities and Economics Open University, a trainer of the project “Alternative to Violence” (Odesa), Olena Danchuk, Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Municipal NGO for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities “Volya” (Dnipropetrovsk), Serhiy Ladonkin, head of the laboratory at the O. Honchar National University, the Institute of Economics, Department of Information Technology (Dnipropetrovsk).

During the meeting, the concept of the National Network was presented, the participants discussed cooperation in the future and determined timing of information days in Kyiv, Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk.

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On March 17 a presentation of the Ecumenical Social Week, a project of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University took place in Odessa.

The event was part of the Co-Actions Social bar-camp at the Christian humanitarian and economic public university.

Coordinator of the Ecumenical Social Week (ESW) Iryna Kitura presented the work of the Forum, described the ESW`s five-year development, achievements and results of the Weeks, such as the Bill "Percentage philanthropy" and resolution proposals to the government and NGOs.

There were considered actual issues of inclusive education, social entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial activities focused on innovative, significant and positive change in society), socially responsible business etc.

Over 60 representatives of the Odessa public organizations participated in the event.

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On March 29, 2012 within the Days of Lviv in the city of Zaporizha, there was held a round table "Inter-sectoral partnerships to resolve local communities` needs".

The purpose of the event was to exchange experiences on the development of inter-sectoral partnerships.

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On 5 April, within the framework of the 3rd Forum of Cross-Sector Partnership on the initiative of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University, as part of the National Network of the Ecumenical Social Week and supported by the NGO UkrProstir (Zaporizhzhya), a panel discussion on “The role of key social institutions in youth’s education” was held in Kyiv.

Students and teachers of Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy, representatives of NGOs, local authorities and the clergy of the city of Zaporizhzhya participated in the panel discussion.

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The experience of cooperation of NGOs, municipal authorities and churches were discussed in Dnipropetrovsk during the roundtable “Social Partnership Initiative in Working With Socially Vulnerable Groups” held on April 4, 2013 in Dnipropetrovsk City Council.

The event was initiated by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University in conjunction with the Dnipropetrovsk City Organization For Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Children With Disabilities “Volya” under the auspices of the National Network of Ecumenical Social Weeks of Ukraine.

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